Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh my, what a beautiful man!

I fell in love with him instantenously.

The first time I saw him he was surrounded by beautiful women on a little white couch. They touseled his hair and kissed him unceasingly. I do admit, I wished to do the same-- what girl couldn't when so unexpectedly confronted with such a handsome man? He bore this all with good grace, with the lazy beauty of one used to being admired. My eyes locked onto his face, into his ocean-deep hazel eyes, the gentle curve of his cheek and nose, his soft brown hair undulating in gradual waves over his head. For one second-- for one tiny fateful moment, he looked away from his devotees and glanced in my direction. He had the casual confdence of one completely at his ease. I could not hesitate. I reached out my fingers and with trembling hands took him into my arms and held him in a tight embrace. In return he kicked off his booties and commenced to suck on my shoulder.

I had come face to face with an angel.

His name is Barek Gabriel. He is four months old, and he is the third grandchild to be born into my family.

Barek is perhaps the best behaved baby I have ever met. I do not speak completely from bias. I have spent much of my middle school career tending impish and ratty children. Truly, young Barek is neither an imp nor a rat. He is a handsome prince in a most un-froglike form (unless you dress him in too much green) and only utters cries at the hungry hour. His birth and name come with stories fit for a fairy book. His life, considering from where he has come, is sure to be blessed.

Dearest baby Bear,

I am a fan. Welcome.

Love sincerely,

Aunt Jos