Monday, October 31, 2011

Return of Alien Kitty

Arriving just in time for Halloween.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Little Russian

I have always loved Abravenel Hall. The glitter! The gold! The fancy old ladies in black silk dresses! The home of the Utah Symphony!

Jason took me to the symphony on our second date. This pleased me very much, but not as much as it pleased my mother. Never having been particularly partial to "piano banging," (her reference to long-winded instrumental concertos) she was delighted on my behalf that I had finally found someone who would escort me to these concerts, and perhaps appreciate them as much.  "How romantic!" she exclaimed over the phone when I told her of my upcoming date, "he must be very sophisticated!" and I knew she was imagining Jason in a suit with a bunch of roses, talking animatedly of the dead classical languages and Pericles.

I love classical music, and my years playing in an orchestra have allowed me a slight familiarity with pieces and composers.  I don't pretend to be at the height of musical sophistication. I have only shallowly skimmed the surface of musical depth. When Jason and I attended the symphony last Saturday, (Tchaikovsky's Little Russian) I couldn't even pretend to know the pieces that were played, mostly because none of them are in my Meditation library and I never played them in the Cache Valley Orchestra. And I am one who has, for years, deliberated between Dvorak and Tchaikovsky as my favorite composers. My favorites! And I haven't even heard, let alone know, all their pieces! Pure conceit.
The Little Russian was amazing. And when I say Little Russian, I mean the little Russian man with a short, blonde ponytail who played an astounding concerto on a shiny grand piano in the forefront of the Utah Symphony. There was a good deal of banging that my mother would not appreciate, but his light, airy fingers danced across the keys and my heart swelled, the way it always does when I hear beautiful music. He returned for an encore two.... three... four times. As my dad reflected humorously afterword, "maybe that's how it's done in Russia."
Then that is where they do things right.

Bravo, little Russian pianist! Bravo!

The Great Pumpkin

Jason and I carved pumpkins last night.
It was my first time ever. And that includes kindergarten through sixth grade and countless single adult activities.
I find that with artistic endeavors I tend to get extremely impatient. In the end, my work inevitably turns into a sloppy mess-- a jumbled tangle of threads, colors spilling out from the lines of my picture. I had Winston in mind before carving this particular pumpkin--a Halloween cat, hissing and spitting with glowing orange eyes-- but when I actually had the thing in hand, I realized with mounting trepidation that it was to be more complicated than I had visualized.
Thus, this.

Which of these do you think is mine? I don't think it's hard to guess. Yes, a child is capable of doing what I have done to this pumpkin, but I was satisfied nevertheless. Satisfied to watch Jason carefully chisel away at his pumpkin for 45 minutes after I had finished mine. Satisfied to see how meticulously he cleared it entirely of debris, and carved out his drawn-on pattern. The result?

A very hard to see but good looking pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Frightful Freaks: The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Scary things are waiting here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I made another pillow.

This one has small winged creatures pouring tea into bright floral cups.
It's sloppier than my last pillow. I may have to re-do some stitches.

It has this detailing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frightful Freaks: Dexter?

Born killer.

Monday, October 17, 2011

At last.

Finally! The moment you've been waiting for (Koseli)... or I have, at least.
A tour of my house.
So fabulous.
I apologize in advance for the poor lighting. These pictures were taken with my phone, so they're not the best.

The Living Room
The red (polygamist??) door.

I wanted to capture the (swinging!) door into the kitchen, but the wood is so dark it is basically nonexistent in these pictures.

Winston knows how to use it. When we try to lock him out of the rest of the house, he always manages to escape through this door.

This mirror would not fit in our car when we drove it home, so I had to sit underneath it and steady the open door with my hands as we drove. It was worth it, I think. Only $40!

Currently our home is a nesting place for fake birds. I'm trying to curb and tame my obsession but I don't know if it's working.

Birds are here, here, here, here and here.

These little pottery barn jars retail at $40 each, and I got them for $10. 

The Kitchen

Jason loves Williams and Sonoma's Cooking at Home. He's actually quite a good cook.

Winston loves sitting on the floor and looking melancholy.

My Parisian dessert plates.

We got our champagne glasses from DI (we have yet to use them) and my new favorite? Stemless goblets.

Bedroom #1

My assortment of children's classic literature that is much too dark to see.

My assortment of books facing the wrong way. Jason hates this. I love it.

Our very fluffy bed.

Another exciting DI find! The blue vase. $1.

My fighting bunnies.

We bought this little trunk from the DI for $25 and painted it. 

 I don't know what will go in here yet, but doubtless it will be something fabulous.

There are french doors going into our bedroom.

Trust me, this picture is prettier in real life. 

Bedroom #2
The TV room.

This was supposed to be a "man cave."

It is not even close to being a man cave. See the colors? Sorry Jase.

There are many domed doorways throughout the apartment.

We got this couch from our neighbors. Stole it, in the middle of the night with a dolly.

My little sewing corner.

And all you need to know about the bathroom is this:

The floor! The glorious floor.

And maybe the towels.

Friday, October 14, 2011

You don't want to wake up to this.

By the end of the week, Winston gets grumpy.
It's time for a break.
Happy weekend, everybody!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frightful Freaks part II

In time for Halloween we give you......


He doesn't sparkle in the sunlight, and he certainly isn't beautiful, but he does have some serious-looking teeth.
I've been on the receiving end, I know.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Runaway bunnies

These pretty little boxwood bunnies are from the jewelry store at which Jason purchased my beautiful ring.
A gift. 
He knows how much I love rabbits. All rabbits, of all shapes, sizes and plant life.
They are precious. 

I do love them.