Thursday, January 20, 2011


On Saturday I had a stroke of genius and Jason and I did something crazy: we moved the dresser into the kitchen and the table into the living room. Magically, the dresser matches the china cabinet perfectly. I will have a hard time tearing myself away from that cabinet when we move.

Prior to this point, I hung a canopy over the bed. Jason was not pleased, but allowed me this one little luxury. My creativity was starting to come out.

I used my needle and thread and fashioned this pillow for the couch.
But when Winston sneaked into the picture, I realized he could use a little touch-up as well.

To improve his appearance, Winston got a bow.

In the midst of all this hubub, decorating and rearranging, Jason and Winston are still best friends.

Winston is my best friend too. Sometimes.

Besides Jason, of course.
Love this house. Love that cat. Love, love, love this boy.


A Toast to Kos said...

ha ha ha. This is the cutest post ever. I love the progression of the photos...where do they all lead? Jason of course!

The decorating is exquisite, but of course. :)

she-bee said...

hahahha love it~~

A Toast to Kos said...

hahah. read this again. so cute. Jason is such a star on your blog now. And rightfully so. :)